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Fixtures & Fitting Installations in Chorley

At Chorley Plumbing and Heating we provide reliable, local and affordable plumbing installation services in Chorley. This includes installations of new kitchens, bathrooms, baths, radiators, piping, taps, toilets, sinks, showers and more.

If you have any plumbing fixtures and fittings that require installation, replacement or repair call Chorley Plumbing and Heating today.

Our local plumbers are fully qualified and have years of know how when it comes to plumbing installations and repairs.

We provide both domestic and commercial plumbing, heating and boiler services. We ensure our services are reliable, affordable and transparent (no hidden fees). Over the years we have worked with numerous local residents and businesses in Chorley, Bolton, Wigan, Leyland and Preston.

Fixtures & Fittings installations In Chorley? CALL US! 01257 754 140